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If You Are Just Getting Started
Warman's American Pottery and Porcelain
Warman's English & Continental Pottery and Porcelain

Two good all around general books which explain different types of pottery and porcelain, as well as makers. Not a lot of photos, but they answer many questions for those who are new to pottery and porcelain. Buy them used or borrow them from the library. Once you learn what these books have to teach you, you will rarely go back to them.
Books About Marks on Pottery and Porcelain
Kovel's Dictionary of Marks - Pottery & Porcelain
Ralph and Terry Kovel
Mostly English and Continental marks

Kovel's New Dictionary of Marks - Pottery & Porcelain
1850 - Present,
Ralph and Terry Kovel
Contains both European and U.S. Marks

Lehner's Encyclopedia of U.S. Marks on Pottery
Porcelain & Clay,
Lois Lehner
Great resource for American art pottery and dinnerware marks
Books Dedicated to Specific Types of Pottery and Porcelain
by a Variety of Manufacturers

The Collector's Encyclopedia of American Dinnerware, Jo Cunningham

Nice reference book that gives a "snapshot" overview and general information on nearly 50 America dinnerware manufacturers, lots of pictures

Collectors Guide to Made in Japan, Carol Bess White

Lots of photos and values. Over 70 marks shown, unfortunately no ID on who used them or when

Collectors Encyclopedia of English China, Mary Frank Gaston

Very informative, nice general sampling of Lustre, Transfer ware, Novelty and Royal Commemoratives, and more.

Collecting Blue Willow, M.A. Harman

Very nicely layed out, informative and covers nearly every imaginable object to carry the Blue Willow decoration.

Collectors Encyclopedia of Flow Blue China, Mary Frank Gaston

Loads of patterns pictured, nearly 170 marks shown - unfortunately some of them are blurred (flowed) beyond recognition. There is a second book in this series which covers more patterns and objects.

Restaurant China,Volumes I and II, Conroy

Also includes railroad china and military. Color photos.

Mid-Century Modern Dinnerware, Michael Pratt

Covers Ak-Sar-Ben Pottery, Denwar Ceramics Iroquois China Company, Laurel Potteries of California, Royal China Company, and Stetson China Company. Includes a great guide for grading dinnerware, fabulous photos, and tons of information about the companies covered. Great for use in identifying dinnerware from these specific companies, and presents much nicer than the average price guide. Would make a lovely coffee table book for the M-C-M collector.

Collecting Fiesta, LuRay and Other Colorware, Mark Gonzalez

This book covers both old and new Fiesta as well as Taylor Smith Taylor's LuRay Pastels and colorware lines from Knowles, Mt. Clemens, Cronin, etc. It features great color pictures and shows the differences in lines that are often confused and misidentified.

Johnson Brothers Classic English Dinnerware , Bob Page and Dale Frederickson

Published by Replacements, 2003. Identifies shapes of the dinnerware first and then the patterns by shape. Good photos and inserts of border patterns. Price guide included (2004-2005) but separate so it can be updated without having to buy a whole new book.

Staffordshire: Romantic Transfer Patterns, Petra Williams

There are three volumes in this series. Great to ID unmarked transferware. Out of print, but sometimes seen on eBay or Amazon.

Head Vases, Kathleen Cole

A great picture guide to head vases. You'll be amazed how many styles of these were made!

Grandma's Tea Leaf Ironstone, Heavilin

A great look at this once popular style. Many marks shown, as well.

Art Pottery Of America, Henzke

Spongeware 1835-1935: Makers Marks & Patterns, Kelly

The Wonderful World of Cookie Jars, Mark Ellen Supnick

Collector's Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain, Gaston

Collector's Encyclopedia of Bauer Pottery, Jack Chipman

Collector's Encyclopedia of California Pottery, Jack Chipman

Majolica: European & American Wares, Snyder

Collector's Guide to Yellow Ware, McAllister

Chintz Ceramics, Welsh

Collectible Teapots, Tina Carter

Cups & Saucers, Harran

Collector's Encyclopedia of Gaudy Dutch Welsh, Shuman

Spongeware 1835-1935: Makers Marks Patterns, Kelly

White Ironstone China: Plate ID Guide 1840-1890, Dieringer

Antique Trader Guide to Fakes Reproductions, Mark Chervenka
A general book on reproductions in glass, pottery and more. This book may save you from making costly mistakes.
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Bradshaw Whelan Reference Books
JR's Collectibles Books
L-W Books Sales

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