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February 2009-What is HMWII? from yo-toters Pat; North Dakota Pottery Collectors Society; Belleek Parian Vases; How to Check Glass for Damage, Chips, part two

November 2008-Tag Along With Me from yo-toters Pat; Libbey Glass History; Lenci Madonna and Child; How to Check Glass for Damage, Cracks, part one

September 2008-Wearing Your Favorite Art Glass from covhouseteex Diane; Ruby Stain Museum; Reissner, Stellmacher & Kessel Amphora Vase; New careers for vintage glass and pottery!

June 2008-Travel Souvenir Plates from nvilla Nancy, Those Other Patterns…Undocumented and Under Documented Glass Patterns, Vernon Kilns baboon, Packing Tips

April 2008-Combining Glass Collecting with Genealogy! from mrvaselineglass Dave, A Collection of Pressed Glass, Depression Glass Reproduction Tips

February 2008-Glass Creamers from nvilla Nancy, Glass Makers' Marks, Don't You Wish, Depression Glass Reproduction Tips

October 2007-Queen-Sized Beauties: Collecting Oversized Head Vases from wgpaul Bill, Car Vases, Paul Dachsel Vase, Depression Glass Reproduction Tips

August 2007-19th Century Transferware from wgpaul Bill, American Pottery Clay Colors, Bottom Styles, Rookwood Pottery art tile, Depression Glass Reproduction Tips

June 2007-If I were starting a new glass collection today… from wgpaul Bill, The Blenko Museum, Palmer Cox Brownie Shakers

April 2007-Plate Collecting from nvilla Nancy, Royal Albert China patterns, Catalina Jar

February 2007-Crystal Depression Glass from catladykate Kathy, National Cambridge Collectors, Clichy Paperweight

December 2006-Crystalline Glaze Ceramics – Art and Nature Collaborate from catladykate Kathy, Jack-in-the-Pulpit Vases, Wedgwood's Fairyland Lustre Covered Jar

October 2006-What are NOT Salts from nvilla Nancy, Great Glass, Lafayette blue transferware plate

August 2006-Vaseline Glass Rarities from mrvaselineglass Dave, Whitefriars Glass, Bulgarian Hummel figurine

June 2006-To Honey From Honey from Joniece Frank, Fairy Lamp Club, Schneider LeVerre Glass Follow Up

April 2006-What You Should Know About R. S. Prussia from lost_spirits Bee, The World of Venini, Marcella by Libbey cut glass tray

January 2006-Schneider Glass from wgpaul, Northeast Italy pottery marks, Rosenthal Mystery Items

November 2005-The Legend of Blue Willow China from wgpaul, Chinese Figurines from the 40s and 50s, Rare Imperial Three Row Vase

September 2005-Art Glass Open Salts - Part III from nvilla, Crystalline pottery glazes, Marie Hoa de LaBlank Newcomb Pottery vase

July 2005-Art Glass Open Salts - Part II from nvilla

June 2005-Jackfield-Type Pottery from covhouseteex Diane

May 2005-Art Glass Open Salts - Part I from nvilla

April 2005-Pie Birds: It's Not Just Blackbirds That Are Baked Into Pies from wgpaul

March 2005-The Fenton Art Glass Company: 100 Years of Handmade Glass in West Virginia 1905 – 2005 from FanofFenton

February 2005-The McKee Pres-Cut Line, Part II from wgpaul

January 2005-To Restore or Not To Restore…That is the Question from waterbabes and How to pack a circa 1900 Ship in a Bottle, by Celticwolf53

December 2004-Fostoria American, absolutely? from Fostoriack and Colorful Pyrex, also by Fostoriack

November 2004-What Book Should I Buy? A Guide to EAPG Books from wgpaul and Cookie Jars from AMXJewel

October 2004-Salts by Makers GPSA Members Should Know from nvilla and Fenton Cameo Opalescent Glass from photodp

September 2004-Fenton’s Animal Database from FanofFenton and The Lure of Lady Head Vases from the Lovely Valerie

August 2004-McKee’s “Tec” Patterns from wgpaul and Frankoma, Dryden and Hummells from Judy

December 2003-Fostoria American from amxjewel and fostoriak and Techie Info from Rat

November 2003-Thanksgiving, Transferware, and a Gorgeous Plate of the Month from Dianetiques

October 2003-The Joy of Egg Cups, The Mystique of Paperweights, and a Wonderful Story about a Very Special Plate

September 2003-Beautiful Blenko Art Glass, Victorian Sentiment China, and a Heart-Warming Tale About a Broken Coffee Mug

August 2003-Fostoria American, Chintz China, Two Little Piggy Banks and How their Value Grew, and Find out what Happened to All Those Boxes that You Ordered From the Postal Service

July 2003-Collections Obsession, Candlewick, a Very Rare Carnival Glass Plate, and Some Great Tech Tips From GPSA Member Rat's Attic

May 2003-Shawnee Pottery Mini's, An Exquisite Dresden Plate of the Month from Diantiques, and a Dazzling Cut Glass Vase with a Dazzling eBay Sale Price

April 2003-Charming Children's Dishes, Identifying Motifs in Cut Glass (With Great Pictorial Examples), and a Rare Set of Porcelain Mice

March 2003-Dryden Pottery, Depression Glass and its Origins, A Collection of Green Elegant Glass that Would Make Irish Eyes Smile, Some Open Salts in Honor of Saint Paddy's Day, A "Don't You Wish You Had One of These" Chihuly, and a Collection of Beleek Shamrock Ware

February 2003-Amberina-a Color to Fall in Love With, Fun Figural Planters, and an Article About Frankoma Pottery with Pictures from the Factory

January 2003-The Wonderful World of Open Salts, an Outstanding Bauer Pottery Ashtray, Little Red Riding Hood's Pedigree, and a Colorful Coalport Plate

December 2002-Silvered Mercury Glass Deer, A Black Forest Bear Salt, a Marilyn Monroe Headvase, and a Christmas Reminder

November 2002-Shawnee Corn Ware, A Look at Turkey Dinnerware, Cranberry Glass, Feedback Advice, and Some German and Austrian Turkey Banks

October 2002-THEY!!!! are out there!, Stiegel Green, Slag Glass, and a Recommendation for a Great Book about Fakes and Repro's

September 2002-Mercury Glass, Mosaics, and Stretch Glass

August 2002-Our Very First GPSA Newsletter-"Bottoms Up" from Catalina Pottery and Is it Really Roseville?

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