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Glass and Pottery Sellers’ Association - October 2007, Volume 41

Queen-Sized Beauties: Collecting Oversized Head Vases

by wgpaul Bill

If you collect or sell pottery or glass, chances are good that you have come across a lady head vase or two. These lovely ladies are bust-shaped vases, often wearing a hat, with a hole on top for flowers. Most were made in Japan and imported to the U.S. to be used by florists. Head vases are generally found in the 3.5” to 6.5” sizes. But did you know there are “super-sized” lady head vases? Click on any photo in this article to see a full size photo.

These larger head vases can be thought of as falling into three categories:


7 inch Trimont Miss New York Head vases in the Large category can be found by a variety of makers. Inarco was known for making the same vase in a variety of sizes. The little 3.5” vase pictured first in the group shot below can be found in three other sizes, including a 7” vase valued at approximately $200. This exceptional 7” beauty named Miss New York is considered hard to find. This is not a collectors’ nickname but the actual name given to the vase by the makers. She was made by the Trimont Company and, in addition to the printed words Miss New York on the base, she is sometimes found with a sticker reading Trimontware. Relpo is another company that made many of this sized vase, including many teenagers. Often, Relpo vases feature beautiful women with flowing hair and no hats. Many Large vases sell in the $200 to $400 range, with harder to find vases commanding much higher prices. A rare 7” teenage Relpo vase sold recently on eBay for $1,625.

Extra Large

Among the vases found in the Extra Large category is a platinum blonde vase by Enesco that stands 8.25” tall and is valued at $450. When found with a pearlized finish on her hair, the value increases considerably. An online site specializing in head vases is currently offering a pearlized version of this vase for $1,200. A rare 8.25” vase with pearlized flowers is currently being offered on another online antiques site by a premier head vase dealer for $2,500.


10.5 inch Lady With Gold Hair Piece Marked Inarco E-1068 The fastest growing area of interest among head vase collectors is the Giant category. In general, vases measuring above 10” are difficult to find. A 10.25” Napco vase with flowing hair and the 10.5” Inarco vase with gold hairpiece pictured here are seen more frequently than other Giant head vases. These can generally be found for $300 to $400. The 10” teenage vase shown at the far right in the group photo sells in the $700 range. The delicate fingers are often found broken, making her hard to find in good condition. A very rare 14” Relpo vase sold recently on eBay for an astounding $14,300.


Group photo of head vases A word of caution about values. Size is not the only determining factor. As with all collectibles, condition and rarity play a major role in the value of the item. Cracks, crazing and paint loss will quickly reduce the value of any head vase, even one in these hard-to-find sizes. But as a general rule, the head vases in these larger sizes are currently a hot collectible and are definitely worth watching.


7" Trimont Miss New York

10.5" Lady With Gold Hair Piece Marked Inarco E-1068

To get an idea of the size of the Giant vases, compare the standard-sized vases in the group photo to the 10” vase on the far right. The vases in this photo are (L to R) 3.5” Inarco Lady with Original Tag and Flowers, Traditional 4.25” Napcoware Vase With Hat, 4.5” Hatless Napco Lady, 6” Blonde Enesco Lady, 10” Relpo Teenage Vase with Hand.

PLEASE NOTE: These photos can be printed for your own collection files, but are not to be used for any Internet auction listings, websites, or any other commercial purposes. The photos provided for this article are from the personal collection of the author or with permission from the owner.

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Member’s Pick: Check out this Website!

by wgpaul Bill

The Internet Site for Car Vase Nuts

Car Vase About 100 years ago or so, just about the time automobiles were starting to be developed, there became a need to freshen the smell in the car a little. There were no air fresheners as we know them today so people installed vases in the car and put fresh flowers in them. Some people used silk flowers and a few vases even came with them. There was also an electric flower that ran off of 6 volts that could be installed. Visit this interesting website that deals with car vases.

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Don’t You Wish You Had One of These?

by wgpaul Bill

Photo Courtesy of vignettesfla
Paul Dachsel Vase

Among the loveliest of early 20th century art pottery pieces are those made in the Turn-Teplitz region of Bohemia, in what is now the Czech Republic. The earliest and most well-known company working in that area was the Amphora company. Many well-known designers worked in the Amphora factory, producing high-end Art Nouveau pieces, including Paul Dachsel. In 1905, Dachsel founded his own factory, using his intertwined initials as the mark on his pieces. This gorgeous 8” Dachsel piece sold recently on eBay for $2,190.

Photo courtesy of eBay seller vignettesfla.

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Depression Glass Reproductions Tips! (continued from last issue) Thanks to marketpl Judy.

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