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Glass and Pottery Sellers’ Association - February 2007, Volume 37

Crystal Depression Glass Guide

by Catladykate Kathy

When most of us think about depression glass the beautiful colors – pink, green, yellow, amber, blue, amethyst – come to mind. Many patterns were made in crystal as well as the colored glass. While not as well known, crystal depression glass can be enticing and has its own unique charm. Click on any photo in this article to see a full size photo.

Federal Glass Columbia Several depression glass patterns feature bold geometric shapes that collect and refract light. Patterns with geometric shape motifs include Hocking’s Waterford, Miss America and Spiral, Jeannette’s Windsor, and Federal’s Diana and Columbia. In these patterns the stronger the design, and the more it refracts light, the more advantageous crystal glass becomes. The picture on the left is Columbia which has strong lines complemented by the rounded inset dots.

Hocking Miss America compote Miss America uses small diamond shapes clustered in squares and each little diamond will catch the light and send it sparkling across your table. Miss America comes in a myriad of shapes that make it so much fun to collect.

Jeannette Windsor Windsor, Spiral and Columbia have more rounded shapes. Windsor has inset diamond shapes combined with intricate shapes and curlicue edges on rims and handles. These patterns are also nice in crystal. Windsor is particularly appealing as you can see in this photo of the pitcher. Jeannette Glass made crystal Windsor into the mid 1940s and a few pieces, such as the larger creamer and pointed rim plate, are available in crystal but not in pink. Searching for unique pieces is half the fun of collecting depression glass!

Diana silver rim cup saucer Some of these patterns can be found enhanced with silver or gold trims. Diana, which is a pattern of thin spiral ridges, is one of the patterns where you can collect sets with silver trim. Click the thumbnail to view this silver-trimmed demitasse cup and saucer that make a stunning set and a plain crystal set. Which do you prefer?

Hocking Waterford Waffle relish Hocking’s Waterford is simply wonderful in crystal. Waterford, nicknamed Waffle, has prisms of squares on the outside of the pieces and catches light and glows. To me it is prettier in crystal than in the more expensive pink. Waterford depression glass came in some interesting pieces, such as this large relish and 2-handled tray.

Indiana Glass bon bon dish Other depression patterns have designs that are mold etched. These can be intricate and fanciful, involving flowers, birds, baskets and lattices. Look for patterns such as Vernon from Indiana Glass or Mayfair from Hocking. Vernon, one of the less common patterns, is very pretty. The bon bon on the right is Loganberry, also from Indiana Glass. This has a bold raised relief on the back and is simply beautiful.

Hazel Atlas Royal Lace Royal Lace from Hazel Atlas is beautiful in any color but springs to life in crystal. Royal Lace is an intricate mold-etched pattern that shows beautifully in crystal. You can really see the pattern motif, and it catches the light much like Miss America.

Hocking Queen Mary candlestick One last point to consider in crystal depression glass’ favor is its cost. Typically depression patterns are much less expensive in crystal than in colors. And since many people do not recognize it as depression glass, you can sometimes pick up real bargains at garage sales and flea markets.

If you enjoy hunting glass, whether you prefer going online or driving from sale to sale, you'll have fun collecting crystal depression glass!

PLEASE NOTE: These photos can be printed for your own collection files, but are not to be used for any Internet auction listings, websites, or any other commercial purposes. The photos provided for this article are from the personal collection of the author or with permission from the owner.

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by fanoffenton Sarah

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Don’t You Wish You Had One of These?

by wgpaul Bill

Photo Courtesy of sales_4u_online
Antique millefiori paperweight

This exceptionally beautiful antique millefiori paperweight was sold on-line by eBay seller sales_4u_online. The word millefiori literally translates as “a thousand flowers” and refers to the round multi-colored decorations. These were made by fusing multiple strands of colored glass and then slicing them to reveal the multiple colored disks you see at the top of the paperweight. This paperweight is made in a style associated with glassmakers of France during the mid 1800’s. The piece sold in February 2007 for $9, 027.59.

Photo courtesy of sales_4u_online.

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