How to
Qualify for
GPSA Membership

Membership in the GPSA is free upon acceptance. There is no paid staff. All work done by the GPSA is performed by volunteers.
Members are encouraged to participate in the association by:
  • participating in discussions at the private GPSA site
  • contributing material for the public GPSA website
  • serving on a committee
  • providing other voluntary services

Please review the qualifications below to see who is eligible to join the GPSA. You will find a link to our convenient online application below.
The Qualifying Process
All membership applications are reviewed by the GPSA Membership Committee.
The committee consists of five members who:

    • receive the application
    • review the information
    • check the seller's eBay feedback history

Each application is judged on its overall merit. The applicant must show a past commitment to selling pottery and glass in a manner that is consistent with GPSA guidelines. While pottery and glass does not necessarily need to be the primary focus of the seller, the applicant must show a solid understanding of selling items in these categories.

Factors considered by the committee for this qualification are:
  1. Descriptions which are factual, well researched and complete.
    1. Flaws must be described fully and in a manner that allows the buyer to make an informed decision.
    2. Clear photographs are provided to allow buyers to make an informed decision. Where appropriate, multiple views are shown and any damage is shown and/or described clearly.
    3. Marks and other identifying marks must be photographed in a way that allows the seller to see them clearly.
    4. Identifications of unmarked items must be accurate and well researched. We recognize that not every item will be identifiable. However, the committee will look for indications that attempts are usually made to identify items by the seller. The committee will look at the following:
      • Most items posted by the seller are correctly identified with maker and pattern information where available
      • Items that are well documented or easily researched are correctly identified
      • The seller shows a commitment to identification such as the use of research books, web sites and on-line discussion boards
    5. Descriptions are free of key word spamming. We realize that many makers of unmarked pottery and glass items are difficult to identify. However, the regular or repeated use of names or words that are not related to your auction is not acceptable. This includes listing several names of makers in descriptions, repeated use of question marks as an ongoing practice and the insertion of unrelated names or words into auctions.

  2. Accurate descriptions of reproductions or close imitations of older items.
    1. While we recognize that sellers may occasionally be fooled by a good fake or be unaware that an item they are selling is a reproduction, applicants who show a repeated pattern of this activity will not be considered for membership.

  3. A strong commitment to customer service.
    1. The admissions committee will consider evidence of customer service as indicated by feedback comments that were received by or given to the seller, wording of return policies and data available in descriptions, ME pages and information available from other public sources.

  4. Packaging and shipping which is appropriate for items sold in this category.
    1. Appropriate packaging as evidenced by feedback comments.
    2. Shipping fees must be clearly stated. Some examples are:
      • the use of a shipping calculator so that the buyer can determine in advance the cost of shipping
      • flat rate shipping
      • the statement of handling charges such as “actual postage + $1.50”
      • unclear or unstated terms are not acceptable
    3. Shipping fees which are determined by the admissions committee to be unreasonable or unfair are not acceptable such as:
      • Low starting prices combined with high shipping charges are unacceptable, such as .99 opening bid with a $20 shipping rate for an item which would normally cost $4 to ship
      • Excessive handling charges built into shipping costs.
      • Committee members will look for handling fees that are consistent with or that would easily be amended to comply with GPSA guidelines.
    4. Once admitted, applicants must agree to abide by GPSA rules regarding shipping. Please see the Member Guidelines for further information.

  5. Selling history which provides a clear picture of the applicant’s experience and integrity.
    1. An eBay selling history must be established in order to be considered for membership. Applicants must have been selling for over 1 year with at least 3 consecutive months of active selling.
    2. An overall feedback score of 99% or higher is required. The committee will look for a proven track record for being able to complete transactions and safely ship fragile items. The committee will carefully consider neutrals or negatives. The committee will look for trends in the type of complaint. Committee members will make every effort to understand the circumstances in which they were given in order to give fair consideration to the applicant.
    3. Evidence of recent sales in pottery and/or glass that meet the qualifications above must be presented. While a majority of glass or pottery items is not required, no applicant will be considered who cannot show at least 20 completed qualified pottery or glass sales in the last 30 days. The committee may ask for documentation including auction numbers if a current search does not yield enough auctions to review.
    4. In addition, applicants must have qualified listings in pottery or glass among their current eBay offerings. While we happily accept members who sell a wide variety of items, no applicant will be considered who has less than 20% of their current auctions in the pottery or glass category.
    5. Other selling history will be considered including verifiable sales on on-line auction sites, antiques web sites, personal web sites and brick and mortar businesses.

  6. Current and verifiable e-mail information.
    1. Applicants must be available to GPSA at the e-mail address they provided during the application process. If an applicant's e-mail address changes, they must provide a new address to GPSA.
    2. If GPSA receives an undeliverable message when sending e-mail to a member or applicant, we will attempt to contact that that individual via other methods.
    3. If we are unable to reach an applicant, we will suspend the application process until the applicant provides an active e-mail address.

  7. Other information that may assist in the committee’s decisions.
    1. The Committee may consider data provided on the application, information from ME pages, postings on public discussion boards and other data available on-line or through published sources.
After this review process each committee member votes whether to accept the new member. If three or more vote "yes", an invitation and password are sent to the seller. If the vote results in a "no", the seller is notified specifically why, and also offered specific feedback on ways to improve their chances of being accepted at a later date.

A Few Notes About Qualifying

While an expertise or specialization in a type of glass or pottery is always an asset, it does not guarantee admission. By the same token - we don't require any special expertise. Honesty, effort, willingness, a little humility, a comittment to customer satisfaction, and fair trading go a long way in impressing the committee.

Current members include power sellers, antiques experts, part time eBay sellers and sellers who have recently made pottery or glass their specialty.

The committee does not make its decisions capriciously or without regard for the seller. The GPSA is not a "clique" - we LOVE adding new members, and always offer a big welcome.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept every seller who applies. We have dedicated ourselves to making the GPSA logo a symbol of assurance to our customers, and are very proud of our association's guidelines and the members who strive to provide exemplary customer service.

Click here to fill out our online application.

We hope you'll join us!

Please note: The use of the logo or the letters GPSA by non-members is not permitted. Non-members found to be using the association logo or initials without permission will be reported to eBay for misrepresenting their auction information and may also face additional action by the association including possible legal action.

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