**GPSA History **

GPSA, the Glass and Pottery Sellers' Association was founded in May, 2002 on the eBay Community Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain (aka PGP) Board. Our founder, eBayer febreb, had received in the mail a poorly packaged, damaged pottery item that she had purchased from an eBay seller. Saddened by the damage, she wondered aloud in a post on the PGP board if an association could be formed whose logo could be used in the eBay listings of its members to assure buyers that pottery and glass items containing this logo would be properly packaged, honestly described, well-researched and well-photographed.

Many of the regular posters on the PGP board responded to febreb's post, and the Glass and Pottery Sellers' Association was formed. Febreb and fellow eBayer wgpaul put together the first few pages of a GPSA website including Member Guidelines and pages full of links, books, and information relating to both pottery and glass items as well as pages of helpful hints for photographing and packaging.

Since the group's founding, GPSA has graduated from webspace on its founder's site to its own domain, http://glassandpotterysellers.org , and the number of members has grown to over 150 sellers whose listings contain a variety of pottery, porcelain, and glass items. It also publishes an online newsletter. Members share expertise with each other on a private GPSA board, and the group is still well-represented by members who participate on the public eBay PGP board where it was founded.

GPSA members greatly appreciate the support of eBay buyers. Our auctions may be found by searching eBay for "GPSA" with the "search title and description" box checked. We encourage buyers to look for the GPSA logo.
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