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We've collected links to the most helpful and informative glass-related sites we could find!

Marks on Glass

Collectible Glass Marks

Trademarks of Various Glass Manufacturers

UK Lozenge Translator


Types of Glass

Cloud Glass

American Cut Glass

Black Glass

Carnival Glass

Crinkled and Wrinkled Glass

National Milk Glass Society

Vaseline Glass Collectors Inc

Vaseline & Uranium Glass

What Is Stretch Glass?


Specific Forms of Glass

Fruit Jars

Antique Bottles

Glass and Porcelain Insulators

Marble Collectors

National Reamers Collectors Association

Toothpick Holders


Fenton Blue Opalescent Hobnail



Nancy Daum Vase



Cut glass vase

Manufacturers and Patterns

Akro Agate Collectors Club

Anchor Hocking Boopie, Burple, Bubble

Blenko Colors

Boyds Art Glass

National Cambridge Collectors

Fenton Fanatics

Fostoria Glass Society

Heisey Collectors of America

Kings Crown Collection

L.E. Smith

L G Wright

Moon and Star Information

Murano Glass

National Imperial Glass Collectors

The Pyrex Files

Pyrex Love

Tiffin Glass Club

Viking Glass Gallery

Westmoreland Glass

Ysart, Monart and Vasart Glass


Glass Museums

The Glass Museum

Duncan Glass Museum

The Sandwich Glass Museum

West Virginia Museum of Glass

History of Glass Making

South Jersey Glass

Museum of American Glass

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