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Warman's Glass
A good, all around general book, explains different types of glass and makers.  Not a lot of photos, but answers a lot of questions for those who are new to glass.  Buy it used or borrow it from the library.  Once you learn what this book has to teach you, you will rarely go back to it.

General Pattern ID Books

Fifty Years of Collectible Glass: 1920-1970
Tom & Nelia Bredehoft
Organizes patterns by details like flowers or circles,
making identifying patterns easy.
Vol. I covers tableware and Vol. II covers stemware.

Glassware Pattern Identification
Gene Florence
No prices, just lots of photos. There are three volumes.

Early American Pattern Glass

Early American Pattern Glass: 1850-1910
First Edition by Jenks & Luna, Second Edition by Jenks and Reilly
Extensive guides to EAPG. The first ones I reach for!

Early American Pattern Glass and Much More Early American Pattern Glass
Alice Metz
Originally written in the 1950's, recently reissued. Hundreds of pictures of patterns, mostly stemware.

Standard Encyclopedia of Pressed Glass (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Editions)
Edwards & Carwile
Careful, the first edition of this book contained a number of errors which were corrected in the second edition. I like it for the good clear pictures, but I always cross check with another book.

Field Guide to Pattern Glass
Molly McCain
Organized by pattern details, like flowers and diamonds, making patterns easy to find. Sketches only, so you may want a book with photos as a companion resource.

Depression Glass

Elegant Glassware of the Depression Era
Gene Florence
Nice photos and information about the elegant glassmakers - Fostoria, Heisey, Imperial, Duncan Miller, Tiffin, Paden City, more.

Collector's Encyclopedia of Depression Glass
Gene Florence
Covers the most common patterns from Adam to Windsor.
Colored Glassware of the Depression Era, Book 2
Hazel Weatherman
Out of print, but really a great resource. Can be found on eBay or Amazon. Goes well beyond the other Deprssion Glass "Adam to Windsor" listings. There's a Book 1, but it's Book 2 that contains information not found in other places.

40's, 50's and 60's Glass

Collectible Glassware of the 40's, 50's and 60's
Gene Florence
Covers a variety of colored, etched and pressed patterns from a number of different manufacturers. Good photos!

The Decorated Tumbler
Hazel Weatherman
Out of print. Ever wonder who made all those "kitschy" tumblers from the 40's through the 60's? This book is filled with catalog reproductions form the major houses who made these - Anchor Hocking, Hazel Atlas, McKee and more

Books About Specific Colors, Treatments or Types of Glass

Royal Ruby
Philip Hopper
There is also a Volume II called More Royal Ruby

Crystal Stemware Identification
Page and Frederiksen
Published by Replacements, Ltd. It has just about every stem you can think of.

Opalescent Glass From A - Z
William Heacock
Recently re-issued with updates

20th Century Glass Candleholders
Riggs and Prendergrass
Lots of candleholders, from elaborate candelabras to simple tealights. Great photos.

Crackle Glass Identification and Value Guide
Stan & Arlene Weitman
There's also volume II. It also has catalog pages showing other types of glass by well known crackle glass makers.

Collector's Encyclopedia of Milk Glass
Betty & Bill Newbounds

A Field Guide to Carnival Glass
David Doty

Forest Green Glass
Philip Hopper

Yellow-Green Vaseline Glass
Jay L. Glickman & Terry Fedosky
Choosing only one book on vaseline is hard,
but this book is one of our favorites.

Handbook For American Brilliant Cut Glass
Bill & Louise Boggess

New England Glass & Glassmaking
Kenneth Wilson New York 1972
An extremely comprehensive, well-researched book, written in scholarly fashion, detailing the complete history of glass making in New England. With black and white illustrations of old advertising and photographs of rare and unusual examples of antique glassware, Wilson's book is a valuable resource of information for the novice or advanced collector. This book is out of print and copies found usually command high prices

The Romance of Old Sandwich Glass
Frank W. Chipman Sandwich Publishing Co. 1932
A direct descendant of glassmakers, writes in a personal and narrative style that provides a fascinating historical look at the varied items fabricated at the Sandwich Glass Factory. With illustrations of the rare and unusual lamps, tableware and machine-pressed wares so often associated with Sandwich, the book captures the holistic sense of the era from which this famous glassware emerged.

Nineteenth Century Glass: Its Genesis and Development
Albert Christian Revi
One of the first books to provide information on art glass, this book is an absolute "must-have" for the beginning or advanced collector. With many illustrations showing examples from his own personal collection, the book is as beautiful in its artistic layout as it is incomparable in its information.

Cambridge Glass 1818-1888
Lura Woodside Watkins New York 1930
Lura Woodside Watkins writes the true story of the New England Glass Company in an authoritative style resplendent with many line drawings and black and white illustrations. Ms. Watkins' contribution to the study of early American glass is unprecedented and she was active in the National Early American Glass Club and the Society for the preservation of New England Antiquities. Her strong sense of historical accuracy, coupled with her genuine love for the glass treasures produced at New England Glass, make the book highly readable and very valuable for anyone who wants to learn about early glass.

An Illustrated Dictionary of Glass
Harold Newman
This book is jam-packed with both black and white and color illustrations and provides comprehensive references to hundreds of types of glass from antiquity through the modern age. Harold Newman, a collector himself, was an author and frequent contributor to well regarded publications. Any person who collects glass should have this in their library.

British Glass
Charles R. Hajdamach
An important authoritative book which is visually stunning and marvelously researched, "British Glass" surveys the works produced from 1800-1914. With breathtaking photographs of rare and unique glass artworks, this book provides information not found in any other resource.

Antique Trader Guide to Fakes & Reproductions
Mark Chervenka
A general book on reproductions in glass, pottery and more. This book can save you money and teach you how to differentiate between authentic and fake items.

Places to Buy Books About Glass
You can find these books on-line as well as books on individual companies such as: Imperial, Westmoreland, Higbee, U. S. Glass, Blenko, Kemple and more!

Schiffer Books
Collector Books

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