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Glass and Pottery Sellers’ Association - February 2005, Volume 23

The McKee Pres-Cut Line, Part II

Colonial No. 25

wgpaul Bill

Several months ago, we ran an article featuring the “Tec” patterns from McKee’s Pres-Cut line. The patterns described in that article all end in “tec” such as Aztec, Rotec and Carltec. They also all carry the Pres-Cut logo. While those lines represent the majority of the items bearing the Pres-Cut logo, there are several other patterns that McKee included in the line.

As you may recall from our previous article, McKee Glass Company introduced the Pres-Cut line as a pressed glass line intended to imitate the beautiful cut glass items of the era. Many of the patterns echoed the hobstars, mitre cuts and faceted designs found on these high-end cut items.

In addition to the “tec” patterns, the following items were also part of the line and marked with the Pres-Cut logo.

“Tec” Patterns
 Pattern  Approx. Date of Issue  Comments  Photo
 Colonial #20, 21, 24, 25   1904 There are several variations of the plain paneled patterns known as Colonial. Pattern numbers 20, 21, 24 and 25 all feature arched panels. The differences are subtle, and these days they are all generally known as McKee Colonial.  
Colonial No. 20
 Colonial #26   1910 The arches on Colonial No. 26 have been squared off, giving it a more geometric look.  Colonial No 26
 Colonial #75   1910 This pattern is more commonly known as Honeycomb and sometimes also called Georgian. Many companies made similar patterns, but McKee’s will carry the Pres-Cut mark.  Colonial No. 75
 Liberty Colonial (#99)   1913 This pattern features narrower arched panels.  Liberty No 99
 Puritan   1910 This pattern is sometimes mistaken for McKee’s best-known pattern called Rock Crystal. The quickest way to tell Puritan is to look for the nearly touching double flowers Rock Crystal flowers appear either singly or separated by a thick scroll.  Puritan
 Rock Crystal   1904 Rock Crystal has three distinctions that separate it from other items in the Pres-Cut line: 1) It is the longest-lasting and best-selling pattern in the line and was still being made when the company closed in 1949; 2) It was made in a variety of colors beginning in the 1920s, including green, amber, pink and ruby; and 3) Only the earliest pieces carry the Pres-Cut logo. Rock Crystal
 Sunburst   1910 This pattern is also regularly called Aztec Sunburst. It is quickly differentiated from McKee’s Aztec by the checkerboard or “plaid” center in the sunburst motif. The Sunburst molds were sold to Kemple along with many of the “tec” molds, which made milk glass and colored items in the pattern.  Sunburst

The Complete Pres-Cut Line

The following patterns comprise the entire Pres-Cut line. The line was introduced in 1904 with three existing McKee patterns Aztec, Nortec and Toltec. All together there were 27 patterns with the last patterns being added in 1915. All the Pres-Cut items were pressed by hand (not by machine like later, less-expensive glassware).

Reproductions of many of these items were made in milk glass and colors by Kemple and by Wheaton. Some clear glass punch bowl sets, including Aztec and Fentec, were also made by L. E. Smith and others. Reproductions do not carry the Pres-Cut logo.

The absence of a Pres-Cut logo does not necessarily mean an item is a reproduction. McKee literature originally states that the Pres-Cut trademark was “in the glass on every piece.” However, many of these lines were produced over a number of years. Later pieces, especially in those lines that were made into the 1920s and beyond, did not always the carry the Pres-Cut logo. Some examples include Rock Crystal, Puritan, and Fentec.

Pres-Cut Line

 Aztec  Bontec  Carltec
 Colonial #20  Colonial #21  Colonial #26
 Colonial #24  Colonial #75  Doltec
 Fentec  Glentec  Liberty Colonial #99
 Martec  Nortec  Plutec
 Plytec  Puritan  Quintec
 Rock Crystal  Rotec  Sextec
 Starburst  Startec  Toltec
 Valtec  Wiltec  Yutec


PLEASE NOTE: These photos can be printed for your own collection files, but are not to be used for any Internet auction listings, websites, or any other commercial purposes. The photos provided for this article are from the personal collection of the author or with permission from the owner.

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Member’s Pick: Website of the Month

by FanofFenton Sarah

This month we have a great site for the identification of ceramic animal figurines. All kinds, sizes, and shapes, from Roselane to Lefton and Josef to Hagen Renaker. You’ll find cats and dogs, rabbits and horses, elephants and hippopotamuses and just about anything that crawls, swims or walks in between. There is also a mystery figurine page and a page that discusses partial markings and stickers.

Each section starts with a brief discussion of the company, then shows a selection of the different labels used on the products and then goes to group after group of photos of the various animals produced by each company. This is a great place to browse to id those animals from your childhood that still have a place on your bookshelf or to help identify something you found in the bottom of a box lot from your favorite auction.

The photo selection is well done and there are links to books on figurines and to other pages as well.

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Don’t You Wish You Had One of These?

by wgpaul

Photo Courtesy of r-great-stuff

This beautiful Czechoslovakian perfume bottle features a frieze of an elephant in malachite glass with a finely detailed elephant stopper. The seller, r-great-stuff, tells us that she made a detour on the way home from a buying trip and ended up finding this beauty at an estate sale! It sold recently on eBay for $3,281.


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