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Vol. 10 May 2003
Sweet & Colorful Collectible Minis
Shawnee Pottery Miniatures
by Irish June
Shawnee produced miniatures for a variety of uses, including party favors, flower bowl & aquarium ornaments, premiums and souvenirs. Animal figures as well as miniature pitchers & vases were produced, but we will focus today on the miniature pitchers and vases.
From the Editor...

Every month, I seem to get a new collecting addiction based on the articles here.  This month, I think I'll start a Shawnee mini collection.  Irish June's article has inspired me to start looking for these little guys!
I also want to visit
Diantiques' house!  Every month she seems to come up with another stunning plate from her collection.  This month's plate is particularly beautiful and full of lovely flowers just in time for May! 

And wait to you see Rat's Tech Tips from
rat's_attic for this month!  I confess, I was busy looking for hidden "Easter Eggs" in my computer when I should have been doing other things!  It brought a much needed smile to my face and I am sure it will to yours as well!

If You Enjoy . . .

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Shawnee Pottery of Zanesville, Ohio, operated from 1937 until it was forced to close its door in 1961. Pottery miniatures were made during the early period from 1937 thru the late 1940's.

Some of the more commonly found Shawnee Miniatures
More Shawnee miniatures that are failry easy to find..
New at GPSA...

More changes as our organization continues to grow

Watch for our newsletter to be launched on the 15th of each month rather than the 1st as it had in the past.

Also, our web pages continue to be updated to reflect our growth.

Finally, it's Happy Anniversary to US!  May is GPSA's anniversary month.  Special thanks to febreb for inviting us to join her in this worthwhile endeavour.  It was fun in the beginning and even more fun to watch us grow!
Miniatures from the Shawnee Lorraine Ware line. Most are very hard to find.
Most Shawnee miniatures are marked, but some are not. The mark is often faint, or filled with glaze. Reproductions do exist, but they are not very common.

The first & best way to identify them is through the use of references.
Shawnee Pottery: The Full Encyclopedia by Pamela Duvall Curran and Shawnee Pottery: An Identification & Value Guide by Jim & Bev Mangus both have excellent miniatures sections.

Inspection is the next best identification tool. There are two distinct features shared by almost all of these miniatures. They are exactly 2 3/4" tall and the base has a dry ring with a glazed center.  The U.S.A. mark is a nice indication of validity if the first two features are present.

The detail of these miniatures is splendid and a great many can be showcased in a very small area, which makes these little lovelies great collectibles.
.Real Shawnee miniature (left) and a fake from Canada. The real mini is taller & has sharper detail. The base of the authentic Shawnee has a dry ring, the other is flat.
Pictured at left, more hard to find  miniatures.  At right is one of the most rare jugs called Three Birds on a Branch.
Above are examples of bases and marks. Note the dry ring & glazed center.  Also note the faint U.S.A. mark on each.

At left is a comparison of the open & closed back swan. Many new collectors are not aware that there are two styles.
Plate of the Month
by Dianetiques

When it comes to Dresden patterns, I will confess that this is my absolute favorite!

An appropriate theme for May’s “Plate of the Month,” this Carl Thieme Dresden delight is decorated in the “Marie Antoinette” pattern. Originally created at Sevres, the center motifs, which consist of the initials “M” and “A” which are cleverly entwined but discernible because of the contrasting colors.

Made from pink roses alternating with blue flowers and green foliage, the center medallion is further embellished with a wreath of polychrome flowers and lavish gilt latticework that was hand applied. The cavetto is quintessential Dresden in the Meissen – Sevres style with reticulated and pierced work and flowing gold-framed cartouches. The result is a sumptuous and elegant blend of patterning that makes the plate sparkle like a jewel!

Marked as shown, the Pottschappel mark is under-glaze and the “Dec 478” and “Depose” are handwritten in blue, over-glaze. “Depose” is the term for “registered” in French. There are further impressed numbers 5837W as you can see. The plate measures 7 ¼” in diameter and is considered a dessert size – but it is unlikely that anyone ever used this beauty for service!
Enjoy this lavish plate of the month!
The MA motif is easily seen in this closeup.  Note the fine hand painted details.
The marks from the back of this lovely plate.
American Brilliant Cut Vase
Don't You Wish You Had One of These?

This gorgeous 24" American Brilliant cut vase sold recently on eBay for $2,000. 

It is a stunning example of the cut motifs discussed in last month's issue of the GPSA Gazette.
Rat's Tech Tips
by Rat's Attic
Dear Rat:

I've heard there are hidden "secrets" in many programs.  Is this true?
                                                                                                 Mystery Lover
Dear Mystery:
Glad you asked!  I figured since Easter just passed maybe we could have some Easter Egg fun this month.  "Easter Eggs" you ask?  These are actually secret programs INSIDE other programs. You open them and voila!

I hope this months feature will bring some chuckles to everyone.  With everything that has been going on in the world I figured we could all sit back and laugh a little bit. I have divided these into different operating systems and programs.

And away we go....

1.  A Secret in Windows 98

1. In the Windows directory go to "Application Data\Microsoft\WELCOME"
2. Create a Shortcut for the file Weldata.exe by right clicking on the file and selecting "Create Shortcut"
3. Right click on the newly created shortcut and select "Properties"
4. In the shortcut tab, add the following at the end of the "Target" edit box " You_are_a_real_rascal". This causes the application WELDATA.EXE to be called with the argument 'You_are_a_real_rascal'
5. Now in the "Run" combobox select "Minimized"
6. Click OK and double click the shortcut & ENJOY!

Make sure you capitalize the Y in You and this goes AFTER the quotes in the shortcut tab.

2.  Want Some Names of Some Volcanoes?

1. Got o control panel - display
2  Click on screen savers tab
3.  Select "3D Text"
4.  Click on settings
5.  In the graphics text box type "volcano"

The screen saver will show the names of volcanoes !

3.  A Teapot Hiding in Your Pipes!

I like this one..since we ARE a pottery /glass group we all have probably had a teapot pass through our hands at least once..well do this egg and watch for the teapots instead of the traditional joints:

1. Go to Display properties for screensavers
2. Select pipes as "multiple"
3. Select Pipe style as "Traditional"
4. Select joint type as "mixed"
5. Surface style to be "solid"
6. Click OK
7. Watch the screensaver for teapots instead of joints!

4.  And of course you MUST have a Rat in your maze screensaver so ...

1. Select the 3D Maze screensaver by right clicking the desktop and selecting properties.
2. Choose the Wall pattern 1 down from the red bricks.
3. Choose the Floor pattern 2 down from the red bricks.
4. Choose the Ceiling pattern 4 down from the red bricks.
5. A creature (a rat?) is seen scurrying around the maze intermittently.

5.  Do You Like Jello?

This is an easter egg I found browsing in DOS Mode.

1. To find this easter egg, you need your brain.
2. Then you need a boot disk, or download one from the internet and put it on floppy like I did.
3. Then turn off your computer, put the boot disk in.
4. Start it w/out cd-rom support.
5. Now 2 the tricky part. type in "C:\"
(w/out quotes forall the cammands i tell you.)
6. Then type in "CD:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM"
(Just type it in again if it says invalid directory.)
7. Now type In "EDIT HID.DLL"
8. On the 7th Line, It Will Say "I Hate Jello"

6.  If You Have WinMe, You Can Have a Teacup in Your Pipes!

1. right click on desktop
2. click properties
3. click screen saver tab
4. choose 3D pipes
5. click settings
6. choose multiple pipes
7. choose traditional with mixed joints
8. resolution to max
9. solid texture
10. click OK
11. watch screen saver and every so often, the joint will be a teacup.

7.  Hidden Quotes in Win XP

Ok, there is a secret file in Windows XP called "quotes". In order to get there you must be somewhat familiar with how to use Windows, simply open up My Computer (explorer) and double click on your main drive (probably C:) next navigate to: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\etc This is where the quotes file is. Open the file named quotes in your favorite text editor (notepad, MS Word, Emacs:p ) then look at the quotes put there by the MS developers!

8. A Surprise in FrontPage 2000

We have one person in particular that I am aware of who not too long ago started off on a journey exploring the wonders of FrontPage 2000..well this one is for you!

1. Enter Microsoft FrontPage
2. Click on the INSERT option up the top of the page
3. Then click on COMPONENT, and then WORKSHEET
4. After inserting a new Worksheet, click on the number one, and scroll down until the number 2000 is the top number in that list showing.
5. Now scroll ACROSS in the letters section until you reach WC, making sure that it is the left most letter showing
6. Following that, you must click on the number 2000 so that line is highlited
7. All you have to do now is hold Control, Alt and Shift together, and click the puzzle like logo in the top-left corner of the Worksheet.
8. Wait for a second and then ENJOY!

9.  And also some FrontPage fireworks for you!

1)Open FrontPage

2)Hold shift and never let off it!!

3)Click Help, then about, then OK very fast.

4)Repeat until a window with fireworks appears!

don't forget to have your sound on for this one :)

10.  This is for all you PhotoShop people out there..I don't think it will work on version 7 though, at least I can't get it to work...

1 Hold the Alt key while you open the About PhotoShop option
2.The usual Electric Cat screen appears. But wait !!!
3.Wait several seconds for the credits to begin scrolling
4.We all know pressing the Alt key will speed them up...
5.Now, while they're speeding, click the big eye once...
6.While you're still holding the Alt key, press the Ctrl key
7.Now, let up on the Alt key.
8.About 60 secret messages will pop up just above the scrolling credits
9.Wild and Weird, my friends, Wild and Weird!

11.  This one will work for version 7 ...

1) Open Photoshop 7.
2) While holding down the 'Ctrl' key, select 'Help' > 'About Photoshop'.

By doing this, you will see the "Liquid Sky" splash screen. Liquid Sky was the code name used for Photoshop 7 during its development

f you want to know if any particular program you are running might have an egg in it feel free to email me rat_@myfamily.com and I'll be happy to look at my database and see.
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