Welcome to the Glass and Pottery Sellers' Association application page!

We are always accepting applications and adding new sellers to our Active Members list! If you have read our Guidelines for Sellers on our home page, and are interested in becoming a member please fill out the application below.*

The GPSA respects your right to privacy and never passes any information provided in this application to any outside party.

All applications are carefully reviewed by the Members Admission Committee. This committee consists of a five-member panel of eBay sellers who are active members of the GPSA.

We are very proud of the Glass and Pottery Sellers' Association and our reputation, and will excercise diligence and fairness in reviewing all applicants. Please allow 10 - 14 business days for a thorough evaluation of your application. Applicants with negative feedback comments or a low record of feedback (under 30) may be asked to provide additional information.

Any applicant who is denied membership will be given the reason or reasons for the denial, as well as a list of criteria that may be met for later consideration.

Please keep in mind that spam filters often block email that you may want. If you have not heard from us after a 14-day period, please contact us again. Sometimes we fall behind but we do contact every applicant.

*If you receive an error message while attempting to submit this application please e-mail the Members Admission Committee.

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